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Lester Brown

Plan B 3.0 : Mobilizing to Save Civilization


lundi 30 juin 2008 par Ronan

Le nouveau livre de Lester Brown.

Il y a urgence à ce qu’il soit traduit…et qu’il soit lu…

Table des matières

1. Entering a New World (pdf) A Massive Market Failure Environment and Civilization China : Why the Existing Economic Model Will Fail Mounting Stresses, Failing States A Civilizational Tipping Point Plan B—A Plan of Hope Chapter 1 Data (xls) PART I. A CIVILIZATION IN TROUBLE

2. Deteriorating Oil and Food Security (pdf) The Coming Decline of Oil The Oil Intensity of Food The Changing Food Prospect Cars and People Compete for Food The World Beyond Peak Oil Food Insecurity and Failing States Chapter 2 Data (xls)

3. Rising Temperatures and Rising Seas (pdf) Rising Temperature and its Effects The Crop Yield Effect Reservoirs in the Sky Melting Ice and Rising Seas More Destructive Storms Cutting Carbon 80 Percent by 2020 Chapter 3 Data (xls)

4. Emerging Water Shortages (pdf) Water Tables Falling Rivers Running Dry Disappearing Lakes Farmers Losing to Cities Scarcity Crossing National Borders Water Scarcity Yields Political Stresses Chapter 4 Data (xls)

5. Natural Systems Under Stress (pdf) Shrinking Forests : The Many Costs Losing Soil From Grassland to Desert Advancing Deserts Collapsing Fisheries Disappearing Plants and Animals Chapter 5 Data (xls)

6. Early Signs of Decline (pdf) Our Socially Divided World Health Challenge Growing Throwaway Economy in Trouble Population and Resource Conflicts Environmental Refugees on the Rise Mounting Stresses, Failing States Chapter 6 Data (xls)


7. Eradicating Poverty, Stabilizing Population (pdf) Universal Basic Education Stabilizing Population Better Health for All Curbing the HIV Epidemic Reducing Farm Subsidies and Debt A Poverty Eradication Budget Chapter 7 Data (xls)

8. Restoring the Earth (pdf) Protecting and Restoring Forests Conserving and Rebuilding Soils Regenerating Fisheries Protecting Plant and Animal Diversity Planting Trees to Sequester Carbon The Earth Restoration Budget Chapter 8 Data (xls)

9. Feeding Eight Billion Well (pdf) Rethinking Land Productivity Raising Water Productivity Producing Protein More Efficiently Moving Down the Food Chain Action on Many Fronts Chapter 9 Data (xls)

10. Designing Cities for People (pdf) The Ecology of Cities Redesigning Urban Transport Reducing Urban Water Use Farming in the City Upgrading Squatter Settlements Cities for People Chapter 10 Data (xls)

11. Raising Energy Efficiency (pdf) Banning the Bulb Energy-Efficient Appliances More-Efficient Buildings Restructuring the Transport System A New Materials Economy The Energy Savings Potential Chapter 11 Data (xls)

12. Turning to Renewable Energy (pdf) Harnessing the Wind Wind-Powered Plug-In Hybrid Cars Solar Cells and Collectors Energy from the Earth Plant-Based Sources of Energy River, Tidal, and Wave Power The World Energy Economy of 2020 Chapter 12 Data (xls) PART III : AN EXCITING NEW OPTION

13. The Great Mobilization (pdf) Shifting Taxes and Subsidies Summing Up Climate Stabilization Measures Failing States : A U.S. Response A Wartime Mobilization Mobilizing to Save Civilization What You and I Can Do Chapter 13 Data (xls)

Notes (pdf) Index (pdf) Acknowledgements & About the Author (pdf) Plan B 3.0 Data

Earth Policy Institute Email : epi@earth-policy.org

Le plan B 3.0 en pdf

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